Scott Henry
Owner/Designated Broker

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What sets me apart?

25 years as a Realtor gives me some unique perspectives on buying and selling real estate. Experience is only good if you are willing to learn and adjust to the ever changing markets and technologies. I bring my knowledge to every conversation I have with a customer, but my first and biggest job is to listen and learn the needs and wants of my customer. I am available 24/7/7 to help and handle all aspects of a real estate transaction, and there are many. I work hand in hand with my customer to ensure that they know all aspects of their transaction are being managed through my efforts. From the day a home is listed, to the day it is placed under contract, to the day it is closed, I am there to help with every step as a partner with you in the process.Selling or buying a home is a huge financial consideration in every case. I want to be that person you can trust to guide you through it with support and help that make it not only successful but simple and enjoyable.